Jesse and Anthony here, we're the guys behind Spanish Hackers. The reason we created this site is because we both know learning Spanish can be challenging; and it doesn't help that there is so much information out there about learning the language that sometimes it's hard to figure out where to start.  

Somewhere between all the courses, blogs, grammar rules, and learning methods it can all be a little overwhelming... 

But it doesn't have to be.

We created this site to share with you everything we've learned (and are still learning) about the Spanish language from how to learn it, how to speak it, to making it a part of your everyday life. 

The number one goal of this site is to help you learn Spanish. No matter you're level, no matter you're specific needs hopefully we can provide something that will make the learning process easier, more effective, and way more fun.

On this site you can except to learn:

  • Tip & tricks (hacks) on how to learn Spanish quicker and more effectively 
  • Pratical grammar tips
  • Life lessons we've learned on our Spanish journey
  • Honest reviews and recommendations on products, tools, and courses

Who we are


Young at heart with a penchant for travel.  I originally started learning Spanish because I wanted to visit to Spain.  A couple years and several adventures later, even though I'm pretty much fluent, I still find myself falling in love with the language and the people who speak it. 


I'm new to Spanish and language learning, so my journey is just beginning.  So far along the way I've come across  great resources and had some pretty awesome experiences, but I still have a way to go.  I really do believe that anyone can learn Spanish (even me), and that's a big reason why I started Spanish Hackers.

What we're all about:

We want this blog to be valuable to Spanish learners. We want it to be a place to share tips, tricks, and mistakes we've learned and will continue learn. Most of all we want it to be a place where all Spanish learning resources are presented in one place. There are so many resources out there it can be overwhelming for someone who is learning their first new language (ask us how we know). There are countless courses, apps, sites, and polyglot language experts pitching their book as "the best method ever" (we're not knocking them, there is some great stuff out there).

We want to help you find what methods, products, apps, etc best meet your needs, because we really wish we had that when we first started. Most of all we want you to know that you can learn Spanish, it doesn't have to take years, and it can be one of the most exciting things you ever do. Welcome to this blog and welcome to the adventure that is learning Spanish!