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Your step-by-step guide to speaking Spanish


The freedom to travel and understand the language

The confidence to start a conversation with a native speaker

The adventure of engaging with Latin culture

Learning Spanish allows you to experience Latin culture and connect with people on a whole new level. And it gives you the confidence to start conversations with people you'd otherwise never have met.

Freedom - Confidence - Adventure

I've asked hundreds of Spanish learners about their biggest barriers to learning Spanish

"I'm too old to learn Spanish, I should have learned it when I was younger"

"No matter how much I study I can't remember what I've learned"

"I'm not a natural language learner, I guess I just don't have the gene"

Do you identify with any of these comments?

I did, for sure.

I know all too well the frustration and even hopelessness that comes when you want so badly to speak Spanish, but despite all of your efforts you still feel stuck.

I remember opening a dictionary or course book and feeling completely overwhelmed by the amount of words and material. I still recall the countless hours I spent trying to learn vocabulary, only to find out that I couldn’t use any of it in a conversation.

This doesn't need to hold you back.


Now I am able to speak Spanish with confidence and without fear but it wasn't always that way.  I once thought Spanish would be impossible for me to learn. 

My first real attempt at learning the language was working through a course and textbook, but it wasn't working for me so I dropped that course.

Then I tried another course centered around videos and pictures but those didn’t prove to be any better. I began to wonder if there was some sort of magic bullet.

I had studied reading, writing, listening, vocabulary, grammar... but there was a single important element that I hadn’t learned. It was the key to finally unlocking the door to the Spanish language. Here’s what I was missing…

I needed to SPEAK Spanish.

Mind blowing right? If I wanted to learn how to speak Spanish I actually had to speak Spanish. All the classes, apps, and courses in the world could never replace the excitement and effectiveness of talking to a real person. 

For me knowing Spanish has unlocked the door to exotic places, awesome people, and amazing cultures.

The past several years have been filled with so many unforgettable experiences that simply wouldn’t have been possible had I not taken the time to learn the language in a way that was effective.

Now I'm ready to open the lid on everything...

Introducing The Beginner Breakthrough Spanish Course:

Everything you Need to Speak Spanish Confidently

With The Beginner Breakthrough Spanish Course, you'll open the doors to the adventure of language learning.

Here are just some of the things you can do once you know the real secret to learning Spanish:

Travel the World
  • Immerse yourself in the full Latin cultural experience in your travels
  • Have the confidence to live abroad in a Spanish speaking country
  • Understand Latin culture from the inside
Embrace Your Passion
  • Fall in love with learning Spanish. It’s all about passion!
  • Stimulate your brain by engaging other Spanish speakers in conversations
  • Get a broader perspective as you discover new ways of thinking
Re-ignite Relationships
  • Have the confidence and courage to start a conversation with a native speaker
  • Impress your family and friends with your Spanish speaking skills
  • Learn to blend in with native speakers
Live Your Dreams
  • Find the overseas job you’ve always dreamed of or get ahead in the workplace
  • Meet new and interesting people from around the world
  • Make the most of every opportunity

Here's what you get with The Beginner Breakthrough Spanish Course:

The Beginner Breakthrough Spanish Course is a 12 part online course spread across 12 individual weekly lessons. Each lesson includes carefully selected vocabulary designed to be used in real life conversations so that you can start speaking right away.

Every lesson includes full transcripts, professional audio from native Spanish speakers, and resource links to help you take your Spanish out into the real world.

Start speaking right away: Learn important words and phrases that you can start using with native speakers from day 1.

Learn only the Spanish you need: Learn the vocabulary you need most. No more wasting time making sentences that you'll never use in real life.

Be conversational: This course is designed so that you can speak comfortably with native speakers about familiar topics and share your thoughts and opinions.

100% Risk Free!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I'm certain that The Beginner Breakthrough Spanish Course will give you everything you need to learn Spanish. If for any reason it doesn't, I insist you have your money back. Just email me within 30 days of joining, and I'll send your refund. No questions asked.


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30 Day Money Back Guarantee


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