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The Conversation Blueprint Course

Having trouble speaking Spanish fluently? Have you studied Spanish but still struggle to understand native speakers in real life conversations?

Watch this video to see 3 of the biggest mistakes that can keep you from speaking Spanish effectively:

GOOD NEWS: We’re offering a free conversation blueprint course that will give you practical steps to help you have your first 10 minute Spanish conversation in a week!

Some of what you’ll see in the course:

  • 500 of the most common and useful words in the Spanish language
  • Building blocks of phrases and keywords that will give you a strong foundation to speaking the language
  • Audio from native speakers and English transcriptions
  • What to do when you don’t understand or get stuck

In addition, you will receive three video lessons via email over the next few days that will walk you step-by-step through my own method of learning Spanish using the tools listed above.

IMPORTANT: If you’ve struggled with Spanish until now, I urge you to take this course. Speaking Spanish can feel impossible sometimes… (or maybe most of the time)

…but I promise you, the short term struggle to conquer this challenge and start speaking will be worth the effort. (I’ve seen it happen so many times already!)