How to Speak Spanish

No doubt in your comings and goings you've heard about the next Spanish learning "phenomenon".  Everyone from companies like Rosetta Stone, to polyglot bloggers, to online apps and videos seem to have found the best new and easiest way to learn a language. 

But you've only got two questions in mind:  Can I learn to speak Spanish and how do I do it?​

How do I actually start speaking Spanish?​

​We won't lie to you.  Learning Spanish, or any other language for that matter, takes work. While language learning isn't something that has to be complicated or boring, you will have to put in some effort if you want to see results. But It's certainly not impossible.  Thanks to the internet and a surge of language learning tools and technology, more people than ever are learning to speak the Spanish Language, and you can be one of them.

While there is no one way to learn a language all learning methods will more or less follow a basic approach.  They usually start with introducing you to new Spanish words and their meaning (vocabulary), and then they give you the chance to use those new words. Now that's where the similarities often stop. Each method or course will differ in how they show you new words and how you practice them.

You can learn with videos, apps, or even video chat with native speakers.  You can listen to podcasts, watch Spanish movies, or download Spanish books.  If you live in the US you can learn the old fashioned way and get involved with a local Spanish speaking community.

The options are endless.  Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming.  This is way at Spanish Hackers we've compiled a series of articles that will help you 1) actually learn how to start speaking Spanish and 2) how to choose the best learning method for you.

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