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Learn Spanish With our free audio dialogues!

Practice your reading, listening, and comprehension skills by...
  • Listening to the native audio
  • follow along with the Spanish text or English translation transcripts!

Conversation 1

"I'm studying Spanish because..."

In this conversation learn how to express why you're learning Spanish and discuss plans for the future.

Conversation 2

"Are you ready?"

Learn how to describe people and express your opinions.

Conversation 3

"At the restaruant"

Order food and describe your surroundings (as well as your food!)

Conversation 4

"All about travel"

Discuss the best way to travel and get around in Mexico.!

Conversation 5

"Excuse me, but this is my seat"

Find your seat on a plane and get to know the person next to you. 

Conversation 6

"Almost to mexico"

As you're arriving to mexico offer help to your new friend.