Verbling Review: Online Language Classes and Tutoring

By Jesse / August 17, 2015

Review of: Verbling

Use: Professional Online Language Lessons and Group Classes


Verbling only uses experienced teachers


Group classes are very affordable, but some Verbling teachers are cheaper on Italki 

Time Commitment

Lessons available in 30 min or 1 hour sessions. Classes are 1 hour

Ease of Use

The best video lesson interface out there


Professional teachers and classes provide more structure than informal tutoring

I Like

  • The group class option
  • Good selection of Spanish teachers
  • Unlimited trial lessons
  • Interesting free features

I Don't Like

  • Generally more expensive than Italki
  • Limited selection of teachers for other langauges

Summary: Verbling offers individual online video classes with experience language teachers.

You can purchase one at a time or purchase lesson packages which usually center around a particular subject (grammar, travel vocab, etc). The lesson packages are generally a little cheaper per lesson.

Verbling has two main advantages that help it standout from other online langauge class sites: its lesson interface and a higher standard for vetting teachers.  The prices on Verbling are comparable to other sites like Italki, so there is a some extra value to be found with Verbling. 

Group classes starting at $2 and Tutoring from $8-30+/hour (Free trial lesson)

Is Verbling Right For You?

Verbling is for anyone who wants to learn a foreign language through either one on one lessons with a professional teacher or through online group classes.

The selection of Spanish and English teachers on the site are very good, but other languages have significantly less teachers. 

My Experience With Verbling

My teacher was very accomidating

When I first started learning Spanish a took 3 classes on Verbling.

The classes were great. They are a great way to practice and learn at the same time. All of the teachers did a great job of teaching and working on my individual learning needs.

My Spanish level was pretty low when I started with Verbling but my teacher adapted the lesson very quickly. I was nervous at first but once my teacher figured out my level he did a great job of encouraging me while still introducing Spanish that stretched my abilities.  

Verbling hosts numerous teachers so your experience will vary from teacher to teacher. As whole the site seems to do a good job of working with quality teachers. 

One on One Lessons With Verbling


Verbling's online lesson format is very simple and straight forward. You can browse teachers by language, price and availability. You can also read feedback from a teacher's previous students, as well as watch a short introduction video.

Typically you purchase one lesson at a time for a standard rate set by the teacher.​


Verbling also offers lesson packages. These are a bundle of lessons centered around a specific topic like phrases, vocabulary, or a grammar rule. The price per lesson is cheaper when you pay for packages. Think of it as buying language lessons in bulk. 


Verbling's price point used to be higher than Italki, but now the prices of their teachers it' pretty comparable.

You can search for teachers starting from $5 an hour all the way up to $60+. The average price is $16 per hour.  If you are learning a language  that is spoken in a country whose currency is valued lowered than USD then you're likely to find cheaper teachers. If you're learning Spanish it won't be hard to find a teacher for less than $10 an hour

Keep in mind that professional teachers command higher prices. If you want a teacher with credentials and experience except to pay around $15 or more per hour. Remember you get what you pay for.

Lesson Interface

Verbling is the only online language class site that has their own video lesson interface. With other sites you have to an outside application like Google Hangouts or Skype, but with Verbling you can have your lesson right on their site. 

The best apart about this are the built in lesson tools (Verbling calls it wordspace). With Verbling's workspace you and your teacher can upload and share files like documents or pdfs, type with special characters (like the Spanish ñ), share a text chat, and make flashcards during your lesson.

Anyone whose taken online language lessons before knows how annoying it can be having 5 or 6 windows open during a typical Skype lesson. It's a pain having to constantly switch between everything while trying to keep up with whatever your teacher is doing.

Verbling has gone the extra mile to solve this problem and provide great value for language learners. 


If you are learning Spanish Verbling has a good selection of professional teachers that is somewhat comparable to Italki's. It doesn't offer the amount of langauges that Italki does (Italki lists 40+), but for popular languages like Spanish, French, and Japanese you will be able to find a good amount of teachers (over 100 for Spanish). 


With over 1,000 teachers in well over 40 languages Italki is the largest online lesson site for language learning. Choose from professional teachers or informal tutors.

Rype offers online language lessons, but instead of paying per lesson you pay a monthly subscription (think of it as a language learning gym membership). You can take lessons in Spanish, English, French, German, and Italian starting at $83 per month. 


​Verbling's group classes offer an effective and inexpensive way to practice and learn a foreign language. Their pricing and selection are similar to other leading online class sites. 

What sets Verbling apart is it's lesson awesome interface and the fact that all teachers on the site must have teaching experience. 

So if you're serious about learning a foreign language then Verbling is definitely worth checking out. They offer a free 30 minute trail lesson so you can try out their service for yourself and see if you like it! 

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